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Emeel Abdalla Investments started with the substantial succession of First group, which brought prominent landmarks to life, and now side by side with its sister companies, Urbnlanes, First United, and First ad, they continue the legacy of our proven track record and mastery in the industry. Thirty-six years ago, the company solidified its position in the Kuwait real estate market with an exemplary reputation. Growing our deep roots to face the market challenges day after day, non-stop and relentless, converting all the inputs in hand into higher-value outputs, having a grip over our core values, and believing in our vision, we have earned our prominence with colossal and honorable portfolio. The magnitude of the exerted effort to build such a legacy is undoubtedly terrific. Over the years, we have built 100+ robust projects that surpassed and pioneered, and today we pride ourselves in powering the real estate market of MENA; with persistence and tenacity, we have developed an alternate glaring future for our clients.